Combustion chamber

CS Combustion Solutions offers an optimized design of combustion chambers for each application. For each application, each combustor is tailor-made designed, calculated and manufactured to meet the specific challenges and technical characteristics.

For sulphuric acid production, SO2 production or waste acid regeneration, combustion chambers with high steel shell temperatures up to 400°C are used during operation. Many years of experience and expertise our CS experts are able to apply in every detail to avoid condensation at various points as well as corrosion and corrosion pitting.

Specially designed pressure tanks in accordance with standards such as AD2000, ASME VIII or GOST are used for the thermal stage of a sulphur recovery process (Claus process) and the downstream waste gas systems.

For waste products from chemical plants such as exhaust gases and vapours, hazardous liquid waste or waste water disposal, CS Combustion Solutions offers flexible solutions in horizontal or vertical design.

In all these applications, special attention is paid to the refractory lining. The combustion chambers are lined with the most suitable materials using a multi-layer process. Lightweight refractory bricks of different porosities are used for insulation, and highly resistant aluminium oxide or silicon dioxide bricks are used as a working layer. For flue gas disposal systems, ceramic fibre mats and blocks are used as linings if suitable. The burner brick, which is very important for stability, is cast precisely into shape with refractory concrete.

To optimise flows and the desired turbulence in the combustion chambers, an analysis is carried out using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

It is therefore the only way to ensure that the combustion process or oxidation to the desired end products can be achieved efficiently in the shortest possible time and thus with a very compact design.

Through the combination of all these techniques and means, long service lives can be guaranteed under any pressure, temperature or even the medium itself (acidic, basic, halogenated or abrasive).

CS Combustion Solution offers the complete range for new construction or retrofitting of your plant.

Common areas of application are the combustion of:

  •     Liquid sulphur, waste acid and acid gas (up to 20% SO2 content in the flue gas)
  •     Chlorinated and explosive flue gases and vents
  •     Waste water
  •     Hazardous and special waste liquids with high content of chlorides, salts, bromine and fluorine
  •     Waste liquids with solids and high viscosity
  •     Low NOx applications for e.g. TDI, TAR or other high nitrogen liquids
  •     Sulphur recovery by Claus Gas Oxidation (H2S) with partly high content of ammonia (NH3)
  •     Powdery solids as an additive medium

Hot gas generators

CS Combustion Solutions builds hot gas generators based on many years of experience and further development.

The hot gas generators are used where products have to be dried or plant components such as catalysts have to be heated up and brought to temperature.

They are used in

  •     Cement and limestone production
  •     Food and animal feed industry
  •     Sewage sludge drying
  •     Wood chip drying for the paper industry
  •     Fertiliser industry
  •     Process gas treatment for refineries
  •     Other treatment of materials in various drying processes

Our hot gas generators can be operated with various fuels other than conventional natural gas or fuel oil and are suitable for use in the high-pressure range.