CS Combutions Solutions engineers and supplies burner for special applications with performance range between 1 and 90 MW.

The burner systems are costumized and designed according to customer needs and requirements. The SWB/SWP burner operates on a variety of standard and special fuels which can be directly injected simultanously into the burner.


  • Standard fuels as NG, diesel fuel, HFO, …
  • Spent acid, acid & black liquor
  • Coke gas, lean gas, synthesis gas, H₂S-gas, tail gas
  • Sulphur, brominates & nitrogenous waste
  • Waste water, solvent, chlorinated & halogenated fluids
  • Solid and liquid TAR
  • Pure H2 combustion
  • NH3 incineration with low NOx


  • Various materials for the burner (carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy,…)
  • According to EN, ASME & GOST standards
  • High temperature- & high pressure applications
  • Various nozzle systems fort he best available atomization
  • High corrosive resistant atomizing systems
  • Low atomizer consumption
  • High turbulence burners

SWB burner

Swirl burner

The concept of the CS - SWB burner has been proven hundreds of times and the burner has been developed and optimised over decades.

The burner is mainly used in the boiler sector for the combustion of special fuels due to its varied and precise adjustability of the fuel and combustion air supply, because here the optimum burner setting guarantees low emission values.

Due to the modular design of the burner and the large number of available housing sizes, the burner can be adapted very quickly and accurately to the customer's requirements.

The burner can be used on both flame tube boilers and fin wall boilers, as front firing, as well as top-down and bottom-up firing. Everything is possible, from a simple gas burner to a multifuel burner with ten or more fuels, which can be in liquid, gaseous or dust form.

In order to ensure optimal mixing of the fuel into the combustion air, the fuel lances are installed in the central air guide tube and can be adjusted both axially and radially. The distribution of the central and swirl air can be adjusted via sliders, as well as the intensity of the swirl and its direction during operation.

SWP burner

Swirl pressure burner

Originally, the SWP burner was developed in order to be able to offer an optimised body design for pressure applications. The simple shape of the burner case, composed of mainly cylindrical and conical shapes, allows the construction of a cost-effective and material-optimised burner for pressure applications.

Furthermore, due to its robust design, the burner is also excellently suited for applications in rough industrial environments such as rotary kilns, adiabatic combustion chambers and special applications.

Just like the SWB burner, this burner has a multi-flow design and is available in a large number of standardised body sizes. With this burner type, the combustion air is swirled by using a swirler, whereby the swirl intensity can be adjusted by moving the swirler axially during operation. Changing the swirl direction is not provided for this type of burner.

The SWP burner has the same features and flexibility as the SWB burner with regard to fuel supply.

HT burner

High temperature burner

Designed specifically for operation with preheated combustion air, this burner series can have combustion air temperatures above 350°C up to 600°C. The air box of this burner is lined with fireproof concrete to prevent overheating - and above all to prevent unacceptable expansion - of the burner body.

This burner is based on the SWP burner, which means that it also has a multi-flow design and the swirl intensity can be adjusted via a fixed swirl body. The lances for the fuel supply are located in the central air guide tube.

The mechanically robust design of the burner ensures that even through the high thermal load, good usability of the burner can be achieved over its entire service life.

In order to ensure the long service life of the flame detectors, the flame monitoring of these burners is carried out by fibre optic cables. This allows the electronic components, which are not subject to thermal stress, to be installed separately from the burner.

RKB burner

Rotary kiln burner

This burner represents the latest development of our standard burners and was specially designed for use on rotary kilns and post-combustion chambers.

The aim was to offer our customers a cost-effective burner series that is simple and easy to operate, but requires only minimal compromises in terms of flexibility of use and usability of the burners.

Even this burner series is modelled on the SWP burner and has a double-flow design. The fixed swirler cannot be adjusted, but the fuel lances arranged in the central air layer can be optimally adapted to the combustion conditions by adjusting their position even during operation.

Designed for a power range of up to 15 MW, the burner can of course also be used for other applications.