Every CS engineering service, regardless of whether it is basic engineering for a concept study, detail engineering or plant optimisation, is tailored to each of our customers and their applications in order to be able to present the best possible solution.

Our aim is always to provide needs-oriented solutions, regardless of whether they involve the use of fuel or the saving of all operating materials, for the reduction of emissions or even the combustion of highly corrosive media.

Your requirement is our field of activity.

Combustion engineering

Due to many years of experience in the construction of incineration plants, CS can also offer a great deal of know-how in the field of incineration engineering.

Starting with the examination of the technical feasibility, the correct choice of material for the respective application, the implementation of the respective applicable standards and many other aspects, the CS team supports you.

Combustion calculation

CS has optimised the way of combustion calculation over the years in order to be able to provide our customers with even faster and more efficient results and solutions.

In 2020, the Comb-Calc programme was developed together with one of our partner companies to perfect the combustion calculation, but also to simplify it.

Process optimisation

No matter whether you want CS to plan a new plant or optimise your existing plant, CS can offer you tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

Optimising processes requires a lot of know-how, which the CS team has acquired through years of experience in this field.


Computational Fluid Dynamics

CS has been using CFD simulations since the beginning of the company in order to be able to present the best possible solutions to the customers.

The simulation can already be carried out in basic engineering in order to design the system as efficiently as possible and to present critical situations in advance.

A CFD study also offers the possibility to simulate already existing systems and to show possible problems or improvement possibilities.


CS has an internal EI&C department which, thanks to its experience, can offer our customers a tailor-made solution.

Our control concepts are adapted to your applications and make it possible to operate your system in the optimum utilisation range. Even the operation of several fuels or burners, as well as cross-system interconnections, is no problem here.

For the hardware, CS standard makes can be used, which have been selected on the basis of many years of experience. However, their standard can also be used in order to guarantee storage and maintenance options.

Burner control engineering

We not only offer control concepts, but also the associated components. Due to our close cooperation with partner companies, the software can be written in the programme that works best with your existing system. Furthermore, we can also supply the associated hardware, regardless of the original brand.