LowNOx systems for nitrogenous fuels

During the combustion of organic fuels with a high nitrogen content, NOx concentrations of up to several thousand mg or ppm are produced during a normal combustion process. The most efficient primary measure for NOx reduction is the staged combustion, where the combustion air is applied in two or more stages, depending on the application.
CS has practical experience in designing and supplying such low NOx systems, meaning burners and combustion chamber systems, for most by-products on the market. Depending on the calorific value of the waste, adiabatic or membrane-cooled combustion chambers are used.

The main sources of nitrogen-containing residues are the production of MMA, TDI and basic chemicals. But also in certain process steps in the refinery, where ammonia is produced as a by-product and must be thermally disposed of. The correct arrangement of high and low calorific fuel injections together with adequate dimensioning of the substoichiometric combustion section is the key to the success of CS LowNOx systems. Reduction rates of up to 70% can be achieved.
CS has developed a highly efficient LowNOx concept for ammonia combustion, which considers all available NOx reduction options and ensures reduction rates of up to 90%. CS has registered the necessary patents for this concept.