Patents and word image brands

CS Combustion Solutions registered patents and word image brands over the last 10 years based on research and development focused on customer needs.


Boosting of liquid media atomizing system by using pure oxygen as atomizing media.


Boosting of gaseous media incineration by oxygen enrichment.


JULIP (EP 3 168 533 A1) - ultrasonic atomizing system with low atomizing media consumption for efficient atomization.


VARIEX (EP 2 821 700 A1) - controllable lance for combustion and injection of vent gas and explosive streams with high variation of the flow rate without admixture of Nitrogen in low flow case. Due to the control possibility the exit velocity can be mainained in a wide range of flow rate (backfire protection).


Injection systems for high corrosive applications made from different types of ceramic materials.


AMONOX is an innovative, low-NOx process developed by CS Combustion Solutions for the direct combustion of ammonia in industrial incinerators, with the aim of replacing fossil fuels and decarbonizing existing processes.


AMINOX is the advanced AMONOX process to recycle all amines (derivatives of NH3 with linked alkyl groups), which are usually generated as waste, as substitute fuel. The aim of this process is to thermally recycle the nitrogenous amines, whose structure and properties are very diverse, with a low NOx content.


VARISPRAY is a further development of the established ultrasonic nozzles, in which the set atomization angle can be changed during operation. This allows system operators to readjust the flame shape as conditions change, even fully automatically from the control room.