About CS

CS Combustion Solutions is a team of senior specialists dedicated to reliability and innvoating the field of combustion technology.

With more than 10 years independent presence on the market and 30 years experienced engineers, CS is known as competent and flexible partner for complex combustion systems.

CS has references in designing, developing and manufacturing solutions for following systems

  • Liquid sulphur and sulphur containing media incineration (wet and dry process)
  • Spent acid regeneration (SAR)
  • Thermal sulphur recovery units (SRU)
  • Burners for rotary kilns
  • Thermal treatment of waste
  • Hazardous waste incineration
  • Pasty waste/fluids
  • Low-carbon combustion
  • Low NOx applications
  • Oxygen applications


Our team


Our vision is to become the market leader in certain markets in the field of customised combustion solutions.

Our company stands for precisely understanding the requirements of our customers. We produce customised solutions and systems reliably on the agreed deadlines. We stand for quality and flexibility.

CS Timeline


  • Foundation of CS Austria by a team of experienced experts in the field of combustion technology
  • First order of a combustor for a spent acid regeneration plant


  • Development and expansion of competence in the field of incineration plants and components for sulphuric acid production and fission acid plants


  • Expansion of the business area to include liquid and gaseous combustion plants and wastewater incineration plants


  • Development of oxygen applications for plant capacity
  • Trademark rights for OXIJET and OXISPRAY for combustion solutions using pure oxygen
  • First equipment of a refinery in Russia with a combustion chamber waste heat boiler system for a WSA plant


  • Increased presence through sales partners in China
  • Equipment of the first sulphuric acid production plants with CS burners in China


  • Expansion of CS presence in South America and India
  • Conversion of a nickel smelting furnace in Brazil to a sulphuric acid plant


  • Patent granted for VARIEX backfire-proof lance
  • Launch of the CERAMICS Acidgas nozzle
  • Signing of the contract for a liquid and gaseous waste incineration plant of almost 80 MW


  • Opening CS Environmental Equipment Shanghai Ltd.


  • JULIP patent granted for ultrasonic atomizer nozzle
  • Equipping the first 1200 MPTD fission acid plants with a CS combustion system


  • Decision on development of SRU burner systems


  • First order for the equipment of a Claus plant
  • 10 years CS - new office and new CI with registered figurative mark CS


  • Biggest contract in CS history despite Covid-19 pandemic


  • Research project including test plant for NH3 combustion - AMONOX system


  • Trademark rights for AMONOX und AMINOX